Luxury Interior Design

C Interiors works closely with individual clients to ensure each project evolves smoothly and that we create match your vision. We firmly believe that each client’s home should be a reflection of their personal style and their spirite.

Residential and Commercial Project

From minimalism to luxury we will help you to choose the best solution.

A Personal Service

C Interiors presents a bespoke and professional service. A particular attention to detail fabrics and an intelligent use of lights and materials can transform your home into something unique.

Outdoor Furniture

Light weight rattan, golden tropical details, exotics plant leaves complete your terrace or garden.


Cristina Coppola

After moving from Milan, Cristina Coppola began her career by collaborating with renowned real estate agencies and also by executing personal projects. Her growing passion for design led her to in-depth studies: she earned a diploma in Hotel Design at the Politecnico di Milano and subsequently a degree in Interior Design. Cristina further enriched her educational path with a Master's at the Milano Business School, also participating in the Ho.Re.Ca workshop—an advanced training course in design, architecture, and marketing aimed at conceiving and renovating successful venues, lounge bars, and commercial spaces. This was in order to learn new evolutionary ideas in design and space organization.

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